The opposite of Elope - to sneak off & split up without telling anyone
Me & the missus are going to antelope this weekend
by zenrat October 14, 2011
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Sexual position where the male mounts the female in a "piggyback" fashion and inserts himself into the "out" hole.
John and Sally were doing the antelope in the shower.
by Lance B. October 11, 2004
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- An "antelope" refers to incredibly hot, peaking or pretty 15-18 year old girls.

- Adjective used to describe attractive, peaking 15-18 year olds that is either girlfriend or one night stand material.

- Only men aged under 18 have the right to use the term "antelope" or it is considered as pedofilia.
1. Nick - hey matt, look at those hot girls at boost juice.
Matt - OMG thats antelope!

2. Nick - Should of seen the amount of antelope I saw at the party last night.
Matt - The Antelope to guy ratio at our 18th is gonna be 4:1
by emvizzle April 8, 2012
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A pedestrian walking on dark streets at night often in dark clothing, with little regard to their surroundings. Antelope disregard traffic and safety guidelines. They tend to dart out in front of you out of nowhere, like deer. If you almost hit one they will become angered as if it's your fault they're practically invisible. Rather than gasping and saying "Oh dear!" upon sight, one should simply scream "Antelope" instead to avoid confusion.
Did you see that antelope pop up out of nowhere after we passed the store? Yeah he didn't even slow down, I almost hit him!
by junkdoll February 5, 2010
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Feeding a woman lines about how scary it is out in the city at night, and she'd be much safer if she stays here with you, the same way that a male Damaliscus antelope pretends that a predator is nearby when a female is about to leave his territory.

Lying about danger scores the antelopes 65% more booty on average; it can work for you too.
"Don't leave the bar now, baby, it's rainy and there are lions out there. Stay here and have a drink with me till they go."
Now that is some smooth anteloping.
by Frankie1969 May 21, 2010
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A wild, uncontrolled beast that pushes foward with little concern to its surroundings.
You've got to run like an antelope; out of control.
by WillieWeekapaug September 19, 2003
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Having sex with a girl vaginally and when about to ejaculate the male jumps into the air whilst draggin the females hips and torso upward with the male, and in mid air the male pulsl out of her vagina and forcefully ram his penis into her anus
I ended up "Anteloping" Hannah last night! she was in so much pain afterwards
by Bored Basic November 27, 2013
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