A myth based on a lie straight women tell their ugly straight male friends as a less hurtful way of rejecting their sexual advances. It is said that if a man doesn't immediately make his romantic intentions known that the woman will forever consider him a friend. He is then said to be in the "friend zone."
Julie: "Fred's a nice guy, but he's kinda fat and ugly, so when he asked me out, I told him I didn't want to risk ruining our friendship. I mean, maybe if he lost a few pounds..."
Nancy: "Good idea. That way his feelings aren't hurt. You really sidestepped that one."

Fred: "Julie's totally into me, but she considers the friendship too important to act on her intense desire for me."
Steve: "Aw, man, you're totally in the friend zone. That sucks. So what now?"
Fred: "Well, I guess I have to keep trying, right? I mean, she must find me attractive."
Steve: "Totally."
by Dracula's Spine January 19, 2008
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The state existing when two heterosexual people of opposite gender are "just friends" with Member A wishing to be "more than just friends", while Member B wishes to remain "just friends." In this situation, the Member A is said to be in the "Friend Zone."

Member A is often the male, but female examples are not unheard of. Male Member A's are often timid and shy, whereas female Member A's are often just ugly.

When neither member of the heterosexual platonic couple wishes to be "more than just friends", the concept of the Friend Zone loses much of it's meaning.
Member A (Male): Hey, I'm gonna always hang around you and complement you in a nonthreatening way and never make a move. You'll eventually love me and let me out of the friend zone. Aaaany day now...

Member A (Female): Hey, can I suck your dick? No? It's because i'm fat and ugly, you say? Oh...
by MatthiasVargas August 25, 2010
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The excuse a man gives for a woman rejecting him sexually/romantically when he expected a payoff for being friendly.
"We've been friends for two years but really I want to be your boyfriend"
"Oh...well....I don't feel that way about you"
"You've put me in the friendzone? Thanks for wasting my time"
by wuzat? February 02, 2012
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Having all the responsibilities of a boyfriend with none of the benefits. Seen as a dick in a jar for women when she can't fuck someone better.
Mike had a crush on Kelly for years, but being in the friend zone prevented him from getting anywhere with her.
by Salvivor August 27, 2009
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Primary definition:
No matter how a woman says it or the words she uses when she places a guy in the Friend Zone there is no going back. Regardless of how hot she is or what chemistry you thought was there, you're done. Like being broken up with before a relationship even got started. The quicker you reach the Friend Zone the better than there may not be as much attachment.

Secondary definition:
Groveling, begging or pleading will only push you into the Friend Zone deeper and deeper. Keep moving, don't look back. Call, text or email occassionally. Be aloof and keep your options open. This is the only chance you have to get out of the Friend Zone. As soon as you get Friended use that as motivation to meet another lady AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
Amy: "I think you're a great guy and want to get to know each other better. But I also want to keep my options open. I'm just looking for friends right now. I'm not ready for a relationship."

Paul: "Than why did you reply to my Personals Ad knowing I was looking for a LTR?!? I don't need more chick 'friends'!! I want a girlfriend. I got put in the Friend Zone after the first date! This bites!"


Amy: "Got any plans this weekend? Let's go do something."

Paul: "Sorry, I can't. I have plans with my girlfriend this weekend. Maybe another time." (the ultimate payback & turning the tables)
by NWbikerguy April 21, 2010
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Friendalia Zonalis... Also known as the 'Friend Zone'... a disease plaguing men all over the globe. Many men are or have been infected by the disease.

What is it? Well, basically, it is a state the man has been put into by a woman after a failed attempt to start a relationship.

What does this mean? It means you're fucked. It means that "hey you're a great guy!!!," but they're really thinking "But i'm gonna hold out for someone greater." After everything is all said and done, they'll decide they want to keep you around because you're a "nice guy."

Man: Hey, I care about you a lot, and I think we should be together...

Girl: Oh, you're so sweet!!! you're the greatest and sweetest person ever, but I can only see you as a friend (friend zone)...

Man: Suggggggit...
by Garz March 08, 2008
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When either a guy or a girl puts alot of time and energy into wanting to date someone but end up getting false hope and the common lines like "its complicated" or " i love you so much as a friend and i do not want to lose that bond" bottom line your just a friend. Usually that might make you feel like a gay confident and you will just suffer more while hanging around with the person you love. Often happens to nice guys who finish last.
john i am sorry but I like you more as a friend (welcome to the friend zone)
by hiddenhand September 30, 2009
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