when you're in a relationship with someone but you don't have any "love" feelings for each other.
me: "parker and I are in a platonic relationship"
person: "so...... you're friends?"
me: "no we're in a relationship, it's the same as a "normal" romantic relationship, just with fewer feelings. Our attraction is somewhere in between friendship feelings and love feelings."

Another term for a platonic relationship is a queerplatonic relationship.
by CoolGayBean August 13, 2020
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When a woman officially declares a man to be in her 'friend zone'.
Man: "I love you"

Woman: "I love you, too"

Man: *leans in for a kiss*

Woman: *magically turns it into a hug* "You're such a great friend."

Man: *is now in a forced platonic relationship*
by Emerald Grace August 3, 2011
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A relationship that contains no romantic or sexual interest.
Random dude: This woman and I are in a platonic relationship.
Plato: And what does platonic mean?
Random dude: It means we don't have sex.
Plato: What the fuck?
by Oreva1 August 9, 2020
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A Queer Platonic Relationship or a QPR is a relationship that is neither inherently sexual, romantic or platonic, and was created by and for A-spec people (those with nonexisting to limited sexual/romantic attraction). Allosexuals/Alloromantics may also participate.

One in a QPR may do the following ;
- Kiss/ Not Kiss
-Hold hands/ Never hold hands
- Cuddle/ not cuddle
- Have kids/ Not have kids
- Live together/ Live seperatly
- marry/ not marry
- fuck/ not fuck

Baisically a list of checkboxes and custom made.
Quinn ; Why is she holding her hand? Is she gay?
Alice ; No they are just partners and signficant others.
Quinn ; Isn't that the same thing?
Alice ; No those terms can either refer to a romantic relationship or someone your in a Queer Platonic Relationship with.
by ElsaAro December 23, 2020
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