doing without thinking.

can also mean sure or yes or I like it.

is supposed to inspire action without reason, and will give you a better life.
Bob: Should I move to Australia?
Me: I go for it!
by Provemeright May 30, 2019
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instead of i go both ways (which means bi)
i go would mean no preference

often used in bios
by meow46275 April 11, 2021
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A phrase used to explain that the person saying is determined to get what they want. If there is something that they want to achieve they don't just think about it, they go out and do it. This phrase is used to say "I take action and go for the things I want."
"Yo man, Requiem just sits at home all day dreamin' of a better life. As for me.. I go for mine."

by KanyeW September 2, 2008
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I be going nerdy on xbox live.
I go nerdy in math motherfucker!
by MC Nerdy September 11, 2011
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