See as a friend; meanings are synonymous.
She said that I gave her sort of a "family" vibe, and I knew that that translated to "you're like a brother to me."
by Zalis March 29, 2005
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One of the worst possible things a girl can say to you. you have liked her for a long time and have thought that can now get with her, then she drops the bomb that your like a brother to her. the shit may then proceed to hit the fan.
"Sally how about having sex"
"You know i cant do that with you, you're like a brother"
by RekabmaS February 5, 2009
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A term girls use when describing another male to their boyfriend that they don't want them to worry about but she is banging his brains out. "Oh don't worry babe he's like my brother." You should definitely worry, he is probably balls deep in her as you read this.
Hanna: Don't worry about Joe, he's like a brother.

By this she means they're getting it on every chance they get.
by Dbauination October 2, 2013
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The worst thing any guy can hear from the girl he likes. Usually resulting in heartbreak.
"Omg Nate, I love you so much you're like a brother to me!"
by oofed October 15, 2017
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FUCK! The last thing you ever want a girl to tell you. Basically means "I love you but I will never sleep with you." This is cruel and almost inhuman to say to a boy. The worst part about it is that girls actually thinks by saying this they won't hurt your feelings. In reality the guy would rather you tell him "You have no chance."
Mike: Yo Alex I think I'm tell Becky how I feel.

Alex: Finally man. How you planning on doing this?
Mike: Dude I'm hanging with her tomorrow. I told her I'd help her out setting up for the big party.
Alex: Alright man good luck with that.


Mike: Hey wasup Becky, I set up all the tables and drinks.

Becky: Aww thank you so much. Your such a big help. what would I do with out you.

Mike: Don't worry about it. So I was wondering if maybe you wanted to --

Guy who saves you from making the biggest mistake of your life: Sorry to interrupt but we need help putting up this banner

Becky: He can help you out. What were you gonna say?

Mike: Um..I'll tell you later.

Becky: Thank you so much for helping me your like a brother to me.

Mike:........ *thoughts(fml)

Guy...: Alright then, come on brother.
by MoneyMoneyBitches. May 4, 2010
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well ur fucked then..

Me: hey.. ily
crush: sorry but ur like a brother to me
Me: oh.
by pls help i got rejected August 12, 2019
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The worst thing than rejection a guy could ever get from his crush
Mike: I love you Luna
Luna: Aww you're soo sweet. I love you too. You're like a brother to me.
Mike: *emotional damage*
by Saitama 777 May 4, 2022
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