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Bad Dick Report. When a guy's sexual performance is ridiculed by a female, usually in groups with other females.
"Girl, he lasted 2 minutes last night. He definitely gets a BDR, and won't be tappin this again."
by mizz p June 02, 2006
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Black Dick Rider. A female with a strong preference for having sexual intercourse with African-American men.
Yo did you check out that white girl at the Black Students Association party last night? Such a BDR.
by tyeler November 03, 2007
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More commonly known as Big Dick Rick. Applies to people with the name Rick, or Eric. Some individuals have tried using Big Dick Eric, however this is incorrect. As it does not rhyme, as well as they could just use the abbreviation. People who say "Big Dick Eric" are simply described as a faggot.

BDR was also featured in a podcast by "SleepyCast" in S2E11. Oney, Ricepirate, and Spazkid were thinking of movie ideas that they would put each other in. A viewer, ironically with the name "Jay Mac" Asked: If you won an Emmy, what would your acceptance speech be. This is where Spazkid tells us how he had been saying Big Dick Rick randomly for no reason all day. So he goes on to talk about how his porno won an Emmy despite all the harsh critics. Instead of being presented at the Emmy's, it was presented at a Chinese takeout restaurant with a lot of the tables cleared off. Spazkid goes on to talk some pretty terrible Chinese and the story ends with him dancing off the stage as people threw friend rice at him. He then breaks his award open to reveal a fortune cookie that says, "Learn Chinese"
1. Look its BDR!

2. Hey do you think BDR would apply to Rick from Rick and Morty?

3. BDR told me he fucked some girl last night

4. Have you ever seen the BDR podcast by SleepyCast?
by Huntiar December 04, 2018
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Black Dick Rider. A female (not african american) that likes to have sex with black men.
1.Did you know Kelly was a BDR?
2.There were a whole lot of BDR's at the club lastnight.
3.I wonder is she a BDR?
by cjatk February 17, 2010
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Butt Darts Racing is a Racing team, based in the Northwest. We have all kinds of sponsors, like Coors Light, Monster, Honda, and 7eleven. We always show up reppin our tshirts and showing our love for the sport. We no longer race at fairs and conventions in the stock series, but for 2012 were going to dominte the ncaa world series and bring home the real moneys. check us out of facebook. Peace and Blessings fans.
"hey look!"
"are you kidding, those are those guys from BDR, they are always looking fly representing the sport."
by BDR 4 LIFE November 19, 2011
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