The sound a speaker makes when it’s blown. A combination of static, and distorted sound.
That speaker is frapping out, it sounds terrible.
by LeiaYui September 18, 2020
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wherein an individual leaves their Facebook profile logged in and unattended.. leaving it open to have their status update free to be comically or embarrassingly changed by another person.
status update frapping >> Michael Jones: I better get my anal leaking in check!
by pyroteaze August 1, 2011
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The art of sitting in Starbucks with your MacBook and a frappuccino, not actually doing anything except trawling Facebook, just to look 'hip'.
The only reason someone buys a MacBook is so they can sit in Starbucks on it, frapping away like a pretentious prick.
by TheSubwayMan January 21, 2011
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The male genetalia is used to hit a girl in the face after she gives him oral sex...usually done in porns
Frapping is so hot right now
by katie June 18, 2006
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When you pour a frappuccino on your dick and you jerk off
He was frapping after he went to Starbucks
by Aaaaight February 11, 2017
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it is basically a white bitch phrase to say that they are high on Starbucks.
by Samuel_Le_Jackson June 6, 2017
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the sound made when attempting to fart out a car window that you thought was open. Sometimes called friendly fire Usually used as verb to frap.Recepient has been frapped on
As Jia was farting out the window ,she realized too late, by the sudden decompression and reverbaration,that she was frapping.
by miltietoast August 4, 2006
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