Frozen Blended Coffee from Starbucks®, contains coffee concentrate, milk, ice and whatever desired flavor.

the word "frappuccino®" is copywrited exclusively by starbucks®, probably put together from the words 'frozen' and 'cappuccino'.
many other coffee companies, and even Dairy Queen® have there own version of this drink.
I'll have a Tall Caramel Frappuccino® please! :)
by Calcolash July 30, 2005
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1. A creamy blend of Starbucks coffee and Milk; 2. The best tasting think you'll ever drink; 3. The embodiment of delicious.
Frappuccino's are so good, they can't possibly be legal.
by Sergio May 17, 2003
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The most luxurious, delicious blended drink on the planet. Frappuccinos are basically Starbuck's version of the Big Mac. Although they are very fattening, they're delicious!
The young, preppy college students from BC all went down the street to get a frappuccino on the hot, summer day.
by hey it's pat December 2, 2007
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A Starbucks product which has probably been engineered to attract youth and teen type consumers. A coffee drink for the wuss. Having tasted one- I would say that refined sugar is one of the primary ingredients. Real men and women take their coffee black.
Luke: Damn! Look at all the damned yuppies in Starbucks, typing on their Apple machines and drinking excuses for coffee!

Dustin: Black coffee is an acquired taste, I suppose.

Luke: Indeed, look at them!

Yuppie in Starbucks: Ooh! Look at me answering my email in public! One frappuccino, please!

Luke: Get a ThinkPad and some real coffee!

by the_organist April 7, 2009
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To hit a Chinese Person.

A long time ago, four coffee makers (a Spanish, an English, an Italian, and a French) came together to make a new, SPECTACULARLY wonderful coffee drink. It took quite a long time to think of anything, because they wouldn't agree at all except on one thing; they all couldn't stand chinese people. Eventually, they decided to mix common ingredients from around a household to make their drink. To name it, they did the same thing; Mixed parts from all of their languages. Frappe, in French, is to strike. Chino is Spanish for Chinese. Obviously "a" is English for "a". And, because the Italian had no word to contribute, they agreed to spell it with an Italian flair. They decided their drink would be "to hit a chinese person"... Frappuccino!
Who would wanna Frappuccino? i.e. Who would want to hit a chinese person?
by Andrew Clevenger January 23, 2007
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A drink made by starbucks. It is blended ice and coffee with some other flavoring like; vanilla, carmel, chocolate, etc. There really expensive drinks and aren't worth the 5 bucks you spend. Its called starbucks cause you have to have the amount of bucks a star has to buy their coffee.
How much was it for this coffee???? 5 bucks what a rip!
by Al "The Computer Guy" August 10, 2004
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1. An extraordinarily expensive way to mix a packet of dehydrated espresso, reconstituted powdered skim milk, and a truckload of high fructose corn syrup--blended with ice. Also known as a Fatpuccino, this drink is the polar opposite of the Atkins dietary recommendation. The Venti size also contains less caffiene than a single "tall" cup of ordinary tea. Good eating!

2. Espresso, corn syrup, sort-of-milk, and le flavour all nicely done up in a little glass bottle for your higher standard's preferential consumption at your local gas station or in your grocer's fridge. The little bottles have a bit more kick than the "official" blended version.
OH my god Sally almost about had a freaking double coronary right there in the Starbucks line because they forgot to remove the super-hyper-caloric poisonous whip cream from her stupid Frappuccino.
by Lord Armand Banana III August 2, 2005
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