Someone who boasts about their accomplishments when in fact they have nothing to boast about or when a man is hitting on a woman and lies about how big his penis is or how good he is in bed.
Oh, so he calls himself god?! Pretentious prick!
by Zecker117 October 1, 2015
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Someone that has risen to the pinnacle of soccer affluence. Risen so high that said person can, at will, make others feel inferior to him/her when discussing details about “Football”, “Footballers”, “Football Franchises”, “Football Fans” or any item relating to “Football Matches”.

Acronym: PSP
Jon, can you let me know what the "scarf like" thing that the Liverpool fans are holding up is called? Well Jason the thing is called a Scarf, you moron. Well thanks for clearing that up Jon, you Pretentious Soccer Prick!
by Semi-Retarded Alcoholic February 11, 2010
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