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Camping in between sessions of Frolf. The camping sessions, as well as the games of Frolf, are characterized by heavy drinking & smoking while talking about cheeseburgers, beer and boobs.
You: Want to go framping this weekend?

Me: I would be an asshole if I didn't want to.
by J Train! June 10, 2010
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To slap your penis across another's face, leaving a mushroom mark, while they call you Peter Frampton repeatedly.
That Framping a received last night was extravagant.
by dockfrost August 06, 2008
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Camping in an excessively fratty manner.
My brothers & I are going going framping this weekend. Alcohol, women, and various shenanigans will be involved. It will be a fratastic time.
by Fratty-Officilizer July 18, 2008
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