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Fraking; the act of lying, telling half truths, to maliciously hurt someone, usually a close friend. Causing drama in the life of others to keep yourself entertained.
Are you Fraking me or did you really hear that my co-worker had sex with your husband.

I heard that James is going to break up with Jill. I swear I'm not fraking you
by billygoatgruffsalot December 20, 2013
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A variation on the common slang 'fucking' notably used in the sci-fi fiction series Battlestar Galactica (modern) as a way to say the explicative on air yet avoid fines from the US FCC.
-Wow the guy that hit on me last night at the bar was fraking ugly and wierd.

-Frak him you can do better dude.
by erock2891 May 03, 2010
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•Derived from the word “freaking”.
•A word used to express extreme irritation, especially about waiting in the San Francisco Airport.

•Usually said outloud in some cool accent, unknown at this point.
•First became apparent how likeable this word is over an AIM typo. (09/26/09)
Ex: I fraking spent FIVE HOURS today in the SF Airport waiting for a 30 minute flight. WTF. -_-
by takemeawyy September 27, 2009
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