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A person with lots of layers of goodness, like an onion without the crying and the smell.
That girls a real dani.
by Turkey2 November 22, 2006
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Cute, tall, dark-haired girl with a beautiful smile and nose like a reindeer, glowing in the dark.

Loves Muffins and has bad taste when it comes to superheroes.
- Oh look, I can see a glowing red light there !
- Must be a dani !
by KunfuPanda March 09, 2017
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Dani is a person who will allways be there for her friends, she is sometimes crazy but great to be around, usually dark hair, beautiful green eyes,an amazing body, and a very cute nose, she is one of a kind. dani will always protect her friends. and through down some letters to those bitches who mess with her.
Boy 1: dude i think im in love with that one chick. she is a shining star.

Boy 2: what chick, ohhhh i think her name is dani.
by pkmcanderson May 09, 2009
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A name short for Daniella/Danielle/Danica more often then not.

Every Dani that I've met is the same - petite, dark hair, dark eyes, witty, intelligent, somewhat pretty... It's saying something about the name!

A short girl and a spunky attitude.
You're so insert compliment here, your name isn't Dani is it?

GUY 1: That new girl is short and pretty... I've heard she's really nice too
GUY 2: What a Dani.
by papercutlove. April 15, 2008
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Extremely pleasing or successful.
Characterized by wonder, adoration, inspiration, exhaltation, and love.

Dani can be found in places nobody else has been
by Polly Pocket July 23, 2006
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A seriously, seriously hot girl!!!! She has gorgeous dark brown eyes, a beautiful smile and an absolutely perfect body!!! Dani is an amazing girl, who is a true friend that will always be there for you. She may sometimes have a temper, but it doesn't matter because she makes up for it by just being herself!!! To have Dani as your woman instantly makes you the luckiest man alive, and if you let go of her you instantly become the Biggest Mug!!

She's Also quite a handful in the bedroom!! ;) oh yes she is!
Dude1:"ahhhh mate look its Dani!"

Dude2:"ugh she used to be my girl, but i fucked up Man"

Dude1:"Dude your a fuckin Mug!!!"

Dude2:"I know Bro, i know....""
by Donkey-Kong September 19, 2011
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a name who is used to describe most awesome girl in the whole wide world. it also describes a girl who thinks she is not perfect, but she doesn't know that she is perfect for a certain guy
by ieri December 03, 2013
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