"They were laughing maliciously as they beat up me & my friends"
by Rory_Doryz August 13, 2019
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Malicious - Intending to cause harm. Cruel, mean, bad, evil, etc.. have similar definitions.
She tried to cause a scandal out of something that wasn’t a big deal? Ugh, shes so malicious.
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Malicious is another word for bad. Usually used to describe a virus. See also:
1#: hey
2#: hi
1#: have u downloaded 'pwnage free website maker'?
2#: no thats got malicious code in it!
1#: hey
2#: hi
1# have u downloaded 'pwnage free website maker'?
2#: no thats got a virus!
by JOWNAGEE February 27, 2006
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With Evil Intention.
Guy 1: Im gonna go bomb <INSERT COUNTRY HERE>
Guy 2: Fuck thats Malicious
by lol_facicle June 8, 2007
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A really sexy way of saying evil, or a really evil way of saying sexy. It basically means evil and wanting to hurt someone but it sounds sexy.
Draco Malfoy is malicious, because he is evil yet he sounds sexy and delicious at the same time.
by L.O Arden December 16, 2009
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when some thing is so wickedly awsome you can't help to cry because of its super hilarious content. most of the time the content is rude or disgracful to someone else.
Dude that email to kim was so malicious she shot herself.
by ted March 20, 2005
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In the Caribbean malicious often means some one who is always in your business.
“Where is your wife

“Your to malicious”.
by Jesus is coming April 4, 2019
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