A girl with large breasts, aka Fat Tits

The term "fat tits" can be abbreviated by the letters FT. The use of the phonetic alphabet translates this to Foxtrot Tango.
Did you see that Foxtrot Tango walk in? I would love to make like Sir Edmund Hilary and reach the summit of those mountains!!!
by C K-P March 4, 2008
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A phrase used when everything is going great. Derived from the military phonetic alphabet for the letters "L" and "F" -- which here are used to abbreviate the term "Loose and Floating." The origin of the phrase is from terms used to describe the first dump you take in the morning. If your stools are loose and floating, your bowels are supposedly healthy and everything is going to be good that day. (As opposed to "Hotel Sierra," for "Hard and Sinking" -- an indicator that your turds went straight to the bottom of the bowl and you've got some kind of problem in your gut.)
Hey, Brad, how's it going?
Great... Everything here is just lima foxtrot.

That new piece of equipment is just running lima foxtrot.

We redid the tests and everything came back lima foxtrot.
by aviation_mechanic November 10, 2017
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Military phonetic alphabet's abbreviation for "gaggle fuck." The armed forces often use the word "gaggle" to describe any non-formation grouping of people standing or wandering about, showing little purpose or direction.
"Look at all of those disgusting civies in that golf foxtrot"

"keep your bearing and stay in formation, or this entire platoon will look like a giant golf foxtrot."
by USMC Candidate September 9, 2009
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"Cluster Fuck" commonly used with the military being the phonetic alphabet
"Dude, the mission was a total Charlie Foxtrot!!"
by Gaffer351409 September 2, 2009
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Military mnemonic for "Totally Fucked", as in destroyed, injured, broken, compromised, etc.
Person 1: "Damn, is the oil pan OK after bottoming out on that rock back there??"
Person 2, looking under SUV: "Nah, Tango Foxtrot...."
by zapbran October 28, 2013
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Military code for 'cluster fuck' aka SNAFU. Really messed up,similar to 'Melanesian Mound Fuck'. They are interchangeable.
"The staff meeting was a real Charly Foxtrot. My day is ruined."
by Schombacher November 14, 2007
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Two words of the U.S. Army phonetic alphabet that create the acronym F.P., which stands for 'Fuck Pig', indicating a female soldier of lascivious bent who is not shy about taking on lovers. 'Foxtrot Papa' came into usage during the days after the Women's Army Corps (W.A.C.) was terminated and women (formlery known as WACs) were mainstreamed into the regular Army. 'Foxtrot Papa' was used in order to politely convey intimate information about female soldiers while avoiding sexual harassment charges. (Miliary usage circa 1970s and '80s)

Related term: Puss-in-Boots
I hear Spec-4 Betty is a regular Foxtrot Papa.
by Tummy AuGratin February 25, 2006
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