I'm the best dancer in here, bar none.
by Lisha aka BaBiGuRL November 24, 2003
.... and here's Messi....away from (1), 2, 3, 4....wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.... How good is he?! A mere supernatural goal from Lionel Messi! He has wriggled and tiptoed his way to the gates of Wembley Stadium. He is just brilliant. Best player in the world, bar none
by Silentalker January 21, 2017
with no exceptions
Bob: "Hey Ann, what bar you going to?"
Ann: "Bar None, it's the best, bar none!"
by Jonziespple March 14, 2017
Hot bar none means that a person is so damn hot that nobody can compare or beat that person. Commonly used by males.
Gordon: Damn she is hot bar none
Jack: what?
Gordon: She is so hot that nobody can compare
by usernamesarestupid September 4, 2012