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A place for people to talk,discuss games and other awesome things. Sex,drugs,life,spam,tech support,diablo 2,WoW,Starcraft and other great things of life.
Mad haxor:NIGGER
Snarg: Banned bitch.
by -Soni- December 05, 2004
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Someone who cheats/hacks Blizzard/Blizzard North titled games. Popular games include Diablo, WoW and i think starcraft. Some games are extremely addicting. The term blizzhackers orginates from the site Most 'blizzhackers' use terms such as 1337, noob, and other 'hacking' terms..
If/then statement: If i hack blizzard games, then i am a blizzhacker
by 1337 Hacker March 17, 2005
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Blizzhackers is website filled with an adolescent, mostly male population. A huge chunk of this population are not very smart and enjoy complaining about everything and insulting anyone about anything, especially if that person is a newer member.
first time poster: "hey I have a question about a program for diablo 2, could anyone help me."
average blizzhacker: "OMG u teh nub, get out of da bh cuz u teh spamzor cuz this has been posted b4. BTW i r teh leet!1!!one"
by Tom the Great August 17, 2004
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A place where a buncha geeks come togethor to ask questions about sex drugs and other "cool" stuff to other geeks who have never done drugs (Crutex) Spammers come on occasions (Crutex, Ij, Smurfy, Earthy Dolph) But usually people sit in the D2 General discussion screaming "OMGZERZ T23H BOTZZ ISZ NO WORKZIN!!12`!@@^^;;;" or "Omg is a real dupe?!" or the ever popular "Geiv essohjhay"
Most people from 04.
by Dolph August 17, 2004
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A place where n00bs congregate and talk about smoking pot. Most haven't seen the light of day in years. Maybe someone will find them and tear them away from their electronic loveboxes coated in dry sperm.
Have you seen blizzhackers? It sucks ass don't go.
by stu December 06, 2004
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1.A place where many noobs congregate, asking the same question over and over again.
1a. A website that teaches noobs how to be hacking noobs.
2. An interesting website that allows people to say what they want, as long as the mods and admins agree with it.
Synonyms: gay bar Hell spam factory
OMG i got haxed do u gib me teh esohjay cu z comi took my itemz and sade ~locked owned " and he skelched me!!
by TheManInTheBox August 17, 2004
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A forum where TrinT is the best member, followed by Snarg, and TrinT again.
by <- August 29, 2004
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