Lying; Making stuff up that's not true.
Tom: Hey Jack, Joe told me he flew his car into a skyscraper the other day!
Jack: Really? I was at his house yesterday, and there wasn't even a scratch on his car.

Tom: Yeah, Joe is pretty good at telling stories. We don't even live close to a city.
by PsychoticSpirit November 6, 2015
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the famous words of the king himself, Dhar Mann

very epic and famous words
Actor1: So you see, you have always been adopted by me.
Actor2: what
Dhar Mann (ending): Hey Dhar Mann, fam I hope you enjoyed this video.
Dhar Mann (ending): Remember, we're not just telling stories, we're changing lives. And if you share my videos you're changing lives as well.
by delonei June 18, 2021
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A loose way of suggesting you are off topic with an assumption.
Hey, you're telling the story fuck face.
by Hvaccess January 11, 2016
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Depending on context there are two accepted meanings for this phrase.

Friendly: The story should be shared while we are in route.

Unfriendly: Whatever you have to say, say it while you are leaving.
Wow we are going to be late, can you "tell your story walking?


You are under arrest, put your hands behind your back. Don't give me any lip, "tell your story walking".
by Romale_2307 August 17, 2010
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Describing your affairs in excruciating detail and claiming when overheard that such descriptions were fiction.
The Republican lawmaker engaged in some inappropriate story-telling regarding his relations with a lobbyist.
by MattF. September 10, 2009
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Ok. Let me think of one. It might be a sad one though. Just warning you.

A guy and a girl sit in the same class, but far away from each other. The girl looks at the guy once in a while because she still feels an emotional attachment for him. She doesn't know if the guy has any feelings for her anymore but still hopes they could be together. The guy has told the girl his reason for breaking up, but the girl is dissatisfied with his answer. So she created a new identity. An identity that would get the truth out of the guy. This new identity would follow the guys youtube channel. I will continue this story in "tell me a story 2".
"Tell me a story, sis" said the girl on the top bunk, staring down at her sister who just wants to go to bed. ):
by Jaydenality2 September 3, 2021
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Phrase used at the end of someone's obnoxiously horrible story by everyone who heard it, in response to its pure stupidity. Almost always accompanied by claps and said in a chant, so it becomes:

"Grrreeaaaaat Story....Tell itttttt again!" (With one clap for each word)
Person 1: So yesterday I went to go get coffee, and it sounded really delicious, but the coffee shop was closed when I got there.


Everyone listening: "Great Story Tell it again" (chant)
by pseudosecrecy October 15, 2008
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