In manufacturing, which instances of a complicated product get a particular version of a part. Effectivity was coined at Boeing, in their old factory-control software, to identify a specific airplanes on the assembly line.
The redesigned part goes on this effectivity and all following ones.
by Tsamnami March 12, 2019
An idiotic modern word that has crept out of technical use in game theory to compete in pseudo-intellectual discourse with the real English word satisfying the same part of speech (effectiveness), which should be used instead in almost every case. Not to be confused with efficacy, which actually has a different meaning.
The effectivity of the word "effectivity" is nonexistent.
by phlux October 3, 2003
here and ready; often used in the beginning of RAP songs to indicate the artist is there and ready to jam

also "in full effect"
Start of No More by Christian RAP band dc Talk
DCT in effect!
by EHA July 19, 2006
The process of how an technical issue solves it self while being explained to an expert in the domain.
I felt the the IT effect when tried showing the bug I found to Jim in IT but then I couldn't reproduce it.
by JimTheITGuy June 16, 2020
effect is one of the most widely misused words in the English vocabulary; mainly because of its counter-part, the word affect.

effect is an ocurrence that follows, or that is caused by a previous ocurrence. Not to be confused with 'A'ffect.
1. The Effect of drinking too much beer is waking up and finding a semi-nude manatee-sized woman laying in bed next to you.

2. The OPEC has a direct Effect on oil prices.
by skwirel July 19, 2007
tweaking it to make it look 20 times more visually attractive than it was before
Ricky: dude this pictures so dull
Wolfgang: bro you should do some effecting and spruce it up
by chocolatelover143 November 1, 2011
n.-Personal belongings
"I need to get my effects."
by fkn2 July 16, 2006