As in to Ford someone, mainly a male. To give a male a blow job. Normaly, one Fords a male they have just met, or while intoxicated.
Girl 1: "What did you and that guy do last night?"
Girl 2: "Not much, I only Forded him"
by goldfishOHYEAH January 17, 2011
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When a woman falsely accuses a man of rape after 30+ years without any form of evidence or clear recollection of how it happened. This happens with all witnesses testifying against the woman, and the accuser herself addresses all questions with untrue answers under oath , such as whether or not she ever coached somebody on the polygraph.
My friend's dad got forded last week. They had no evidence, and the accuser was caught lying under oath, but luckily they didn't give in to the court of public opinion and followed the appropriate procedures.
by vaneyboi October 05, 2018
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To make a pile of money off of other people, particularly when damaging said people in the process. Similar but more morally dubious than pyramid scheme due to the targeting of a single person for damage, garnering the money from crowdfunding. (see also sarkeesing, quinning.)
Person 1: "How can you afford all these new front doors?"
Person 2: "Oh, I totally forded some cis male scum."
by notyourordinarynomdeplume October 05, 2018
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