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When a waygook (외국인) in Korea chases the local Korean women around and tries to have sex with them.
"Bruno approaches all the Korean ladies in the bar, he's a real tail-wayger. He does tail-wayging STEADY."
by lokimonoxide October 8, 2021
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When you see a shitpost in Korea that is just for laughs, but you HAVE to turn it into an academic discussion and talk about how smart you are.
"I made a meme about how uninspired Korean fashion is and Michael got all Kor-Hurt about it."
by lokimonoxide January 18, 2021
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A 26 ounce bottle of hard alcohol, especially vodka.
Dude, last night I drank a ford of gin and I made out with my second cousin. Fuck.
by lokimonoxide December 15, 2015
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A resident of Korea who is not of Korean blood/descent.

In short, a "non-Korean."

Transliterated from 외국 (Oeguk), it literally translates to "outside-country."
Kevin is from Canada. He's been teaching n Korea for 6 months. He is a waygook.
by lokimonoxide February 28, 2018
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