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adj. me·me'tic

1. Of or relating to the mind, mindfulness, or memory, specifically the cognitive functions of the brain which deal with remembering (c.f. unrelated mimetic).

From Latin, /memini/ to be mindful of from the Latin root /mem/ (c.f. Greek root /mnem/).


adv. me·met'i·cal·ly

1. By way of the mind, mindfulness, or memory.


n. me·me'tics

An alternate spelling of mimetics. It is a collective noun for which the same form is both singular and plural.

1. The area of study relating to viral cultural ideas that spread from person to person. C.F. meme.

From Greek /mimetikos/ good at imitating.
1. His memetic filters prevented the horrific blood and gore from invading his mind.

2. The program ran memetically through the neural network.

3. Mimetics is the study of memes.

by K. Alexander November 01, 2005
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The study of form and function as contrapositive with respect to each other. An attempt to schematize design from form.

The study of skeumorphs (memes).
Memetics proffers the tenet that function and form are contra-functional.

Memetics isolates design from form by arguing that there is no duality that is not design.

This is the obverse of the postmodern mantra that "form follows function" and the genesis of Hypermodernism.
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by tomorrowtomorrow November 29, 2018
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adj. meme-material-ey
hey, look at this gif of a cat, it's so memetic
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by vanzeven July 01, 2019
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