adj. me·me'tic

1. Of or relating to the mind, mindfulness, or memory, specifically the cognitive functions of the brain which deal with remembering (c.f. unrelated mimetic).

From Latin, /memini/ to be mindful of from the Latin root /mem/ (c.f. Greek root /mnem/).


adv. me·met'i·cal·ly

1. By way of the mind, mindfulness, or memory.


n. me·me'tics

An alternate spelling of mimetics. It is a collective noun for which the same form is both singular and plural.

1. The area of study relating to viral cultural ideas that spread from person to person. C.F. meme.

From Greek /mimetikos/ good at imitating.
1. His memetic filters prevented the horrific blood and gore from invading his mind.

2. The program ran memetically through the neural network.

3. Mimetics is the study of memes.

by K. Alexander November 2, 2005
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adj. meme-material-ey
hey, look at this gif of a cat, it's so memetic
by vanzeven July 2, 2019
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the characteristic attitude of mind or way of thinking of a person or group that can be versed in a few short lines and passed off as a legitimate capacity of intelligent thought regardless of the information's validity simply because the information sounds good and is shared throughout social media sources and emails in the form of memes and tactiley as articles, billboards, and bumper stickers.
"Obama is America's First Muslim In Chief" and "Trump Quote, 1998: If I ran as president, I'd run as a republican. They're the stupidest group of voters in the country." are classic examples of misinformation and fake news that have been passed of as legitimate thoughts and attitudes and due to these thought being passed off largely in the form of memes they have greatly influenced the memetality of the masses.
by Fritzling January 18, 2017
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Memet is a very good friend to have. He can make you laugh all the time, and is serious during serious moments. Memet doesn’t know how to handle a girlfriend and leaves people on read. He is also good at Fortnite.
Damn, Memet is nice, and confusing at the same time.
by Ximic March 10, 2018
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When a person reads someone else's basic post on social media and then turns it into a meme.
I'm feeling so memetized because someone else keeps turning my posts into memes.
by BAM2018 December 23, 2016
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When you're average roadmen start watching memes and they only just discovers memes.
Yo memetings init fam
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The study of form and function as contrapositive with respect to each other. An attempt to schematize design from form.

The study of skeumorphs (memes).
Memetics proffers the tenet that function and form are contra-functional.

Memetics isolates design from form by arguing that there is no duality that is not design.

This is the obverse of the postmodern mantra that "form follows function" and the genesis of Hypermodernism.
by tomorrowtomorrow November 30, 2018
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