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Juicy,mouth-watering,high-res images of incredibly delicious-looking food.
by Pitchy June 02, 2016
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Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
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Close-up images of juicy, delicious food in advertisements.
Oh, that McDonalds ad was like food porn. I want a Big Mac sooo bad.
by Ryan April 12, 2005
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taking mouthwatering pictures of delicious foods and proliferating them throughout various social media websites as status updates, thus tempting all those not even currently hungry into getting a food hard-on and getting food-horny and blowing all of their heroic dieting efforts to hell.
Ever since my buddy got onto the healthy lifestyle/cooking from scratch band wagon, all of his status updates have been strictly food porn.
by AlatarielArtanis September 28, 2010
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This genre is usually encountered late at night, like regular porn. It occurs generally when you are watching either Food Network or The Travel Channel. You see delicious looking food that you: a) don't have in your residence, b) can't go out and get RIGHT THEN because the market or restaurant you might find it in is closed, c) can't have because of dietary restrictions, or d) can't afford.
Why do I torture myself by sitting here watching Guy Fieri praise that delicious looking omelette only served at Eggceptional Eggstacy in Homestead, Florida? This is real food porn!!

Damn, why does McDonald's have to close at 11PM? I want the Triple-Patty Heart Attack Burger NOW!! Food porn ambush!!

AAAGGGGGHHHHH!!! I could MAKE that if Kroger's was still open so I could get the ingredients! Foiled by late night food porn!

Each of the above is said while drooling with a tongue as hard as the other body parts usually associated with porn watching.
by quotable d June 19, 2010
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Food Porn is beautiful and magnificent photos of food. Food Porn is often found on Instagram and sometimes Facebook. Food Porn is completely legal to watch or look at and you don't need to hide it in a secret folder on your computer. Unless you feel like your relationship with Food Porn should be kept secret and discreet. Then you hide that shit. You hide that shit good. Food Porn is often confused with peas and corn, which is just porn. But they are two different things. Unless the Food Porn you're looking at is peas and corn. Then it's porn. You don't need to feel guilty after looking at Food Porn. It's completely normal. My fellow Instgramers know what I'm talking about ;). Food Porn is with both desserts and normal food. Don't get desert and dessert mixed up. That pisses me off.
Mallory: Know of any sites to find some good Food Porn?
Person: Hmm. Well. Instagram is pretty decent.
Mallory: Of course! I totally forgot. Thanks!
by PshNotMallory July 21, 2013
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Food Porn is any type of media that shows exceptionally delicious food. It is displayed in such a way that just the way it is spread out, or how the light hits it, leaves the observer going:

"Ohmygod. Get in me, but don't make me fat."
Person: Ohmygawd, that high quality picture of Nutella on a spoon made my ovaries explode! It's shameless Food Porn & I need it.
by foodpornographer June 19, 2012
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