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Totally incredible people (usually fangirls) who have an unhealthy obsession with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes.
Never insult a Sherlockian, you'll lower the IQ of the whole street. They usually have a massive crush on Benedict Cumberbatch.
These people are usually: PotterHeads, Whovians and Marvel fans.
Anderson:you know i met a Sherlockian the other day, they were so silly.
Fan: oh don't talk out loud Anderson, you lower the IQ of the whole street!
Anderson: I'm sorry. i was blinded by your awesomeness for a moment!
Fan: it's okay.... it must be terribly boring inside your ordinary head...
by Just Another Fangirl March 26, 2014
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Someone who is in the fandom for the BBC show Sherlock. Often wild and nearly always brewing theories as to what will happen in season 3 and beyond, they love everything that has to do with Sherlock, The Swishy Coat, and The Purple Shirt of Sex. The favorite ship in the fandom is Johnlock (John Watson and Sherlock Holmes). After only 6 episodes of the show, they have made fan fictions and such to fulfill their needs for Sherlock Holmes.
Person: Hey, I've just heard of this British show called Sherlock. Know anything about it?

Sherlockian: KNOW ANYTHING?!?! I know EVERYTHING. Sherlock and John is just, yes. I can't wait for season 3! Want to read my new fanfic?
by InTimeItWillPass June 18, 2013
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