The urge to eat, when your not actually hungry, when you know something would be really good
S: "You have any nutella?"
J: "We literally ate like 15 minutes ago.."
S: "Yeah, I'm just really food horny for them right now"
J: "Say no more"
by everythingisalreadytaken June 15, 2012
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When your not particularly hungry, but have an extremely strong craving for a certain type of food, which is usually very specific(from a specific restaurant,etc), and can only be satisfied by eating that specific food.
often caused by watching cooking shows.
Dude, that show makes me so food horny.
by wellllltismybirthday February 16, 2011
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to be in serious crave of food. you really want to eat alot of food, usually junk food.
at the party john was very food horny and spent most of his time eating the party snacks.
by rubberooster November 25, 2011
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adj. - Craving food in an extreme manner, the way one craves sex when one is horny.

See hungry.
"I'm a little wild when I get food horny; you better watch out."
by TJCapSix August 1, 2005
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An intense desire to eat something, unrelated to hunger.
Man, I know I just stuffed myself at the buffet, but the smell coming from that steak house is making so food horny!
by Edymnion2 May 4, 2018
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When the food looks so good that you have a very strong desire for it.
I just saw the photo of the food you posted. Where did you get that? I’m food horny.
by DeOreo July 13, 2020
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“i’m in love with pistacchio”
x: “oh so you’re horny
pistacchio is the horny food
by baka ya July 10, 2022
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