Gettin freaky with that sexy thing you call yo bitch.
Bro, I'm about to start Fondeling with this girl.
by TheIndefiniteProclamation December 19, 2014
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Playing with something. This could be a big or small item. Usually used as a reference to sexual activities and masturbation.
"Taylor stop fondelling with your clitoris."
by Definitionsdiddy March 16, 2016
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The feeling one has when touching sensitive parts such as booty for the first time with that partner.
The jeans were a perfect fit for the goods and my hand; fondelation occurred.
by tumtrah January 25, 2016
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one who works your nutsack without romantic relations
man john deberry is peytons' fondel buddy.
by meatwad September 20, 2003
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The act of getting a scooter and putting one of the handle bars in a females vagina and the other handle bar in ur own anus
Dam I scooter fondeled that hoe last night with my little brothers razor
Sloppy t-rex
by genom March 21, 2009
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A dong fondeler is someone who touches them self inappropriately during class.
Me: hey look eddies at it again
Phil: oh Yeh he is definitely a dong fondeler
by Sammy swag Lad January 26, 2014
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