A bug with wings that annoying the shit out of you and then eats it
I am going to kill that fly
by SUMFURRYTHING June 26, 2016
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Forever Loving You

An international BTS A.R.M.Y project that took place sometime after the “We purple you/2!3!” Project

F.L.Y was a song produced by an army for bts
And even if the weight
of this wings gets heavy soon
I´ll fly~ with you
Forever Loving You

via giphy
by Supply cup suga October 29, 2018
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Used to describe something good looking or sexy.
Check out all this fly gear i bought.
Damn! Honey is lookin fly!
by resk March 01, 2005
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the adjective for describing how awsome and gangsta Justin and Lauren are in real life.
Wow, look at Justin and Lauren, they are So fly!
by Napoleon Dynomite September 19, 2004
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