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A type/ group of hot, very attractive people you want to date but can't because they're superficial. Unrequited attraction.
I can't have them, they're all unattainables.
by yursh22 May 20, 2020

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A sexual predicament involving one's cock.
Damn, first she wants to fuck me, then she's les, then she wants a vibrator.

Shit bro, that's a pretty bad predickament.
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by yursh22 June 19, 2017

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Kind of like saying ass-wipe. But a shortened version for that word. Basically used to describe a bro/fuckboy.
Yeah that guy is definitely a wipe.
by yursh22 June 09, 2017

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The funkiest sexiest legend that ever lived. He could wear high heels and women's underwear and make women moist. A cum reign that lasted from 1958-2016
"Whatever u heard about me is true, I change the rules and do what I wanna do" - Prince, 1982 (Let's Pretend We're Married, track 4 on the groundbreaking album '1999')
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by yursh22 May 16, 2017

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A narcissistic, arrogant, manipulative waste that pounces on people they feel they can bully and demean in any way. (They make it look like you’re at fault too). They have nothing else better to do with their time and justify their games by any means, and any flimsy excuse.
This asshole is an emotional predator.
by yursh22 December 06, 2017

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A play on the saying; curiosity killed the cat. But in this case, a dumbass gets killed doing some stupid shit (male or female applicable).
He stuck his dick in a socket.

Shit, curiosity killed the cunt. Hands down.
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by yursh22 June 19, 2017

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nickname for any guy you see in shorts with testicles exposed
Aw fuck, did you see balls Jupiter over there?
(Gags violently)
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by yursh22 May 17, 2017

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