To become off the ground and move.
A bird can fly throughout the world gracefully and carefree.
by Michael Plumlee June 25, 2007
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1. Late 90's one hit wonder band.

2. The way civil engineering technologists spell the word "flies" because they don't understand that fly becomes flies when used in third person form.
Remember that band The Flys? They sang that "Got you where I want you" song! That singer from The Flys really likes airplines, he flys (should be flies) all the time.
by who's high pitch? March 31, 2005
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1. the zip on ur jeans that keeps the slodier in his tank
2. meaning sexy hot genarally nice person
3. an anoying bug
1. ur flying low
2. pretty fly for a white guy
3 shit i swollowed a fly
by wonder woman February 09, 2004
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1. zipper on jeans
2. cool, hot in style
3. fine, sexy
4. an aggrevating bug
1. Dude, your fly's unzipped!
2. Those new Tims are mad fly!
3. Damn! That girl is so fly!
4. Shoo, fly don't bother me!
by Jensen January 01, 2005
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Contrary to popular belief, this work is acutally a verb (and not a noun as it is commonly percieved in such retarded phrases as: "I am one fly mother fucker." This is however pretty queer. Fly-->To travel through the air.
Learn how to use this word properly or else go fly of a cliff you sorry piece of illiterate shit.
by Dominic March 23, 2005
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If a guy doesn't even try to swat a fly that lands on his head, what kinds of other decisions is he making on a daily basis?
Were you gonna get that fly, or did you want somebody else to do it?
by Solid Mantis October 09, 2020
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1) Cool or trendy
2) The zipper on jeans on the crotch
3) A small bug
4) To move through the air without touching ground for some time
1) That guy has fly clothes!
2) Your fly is open!
3) This little fly will get squashed
4) Birds can fly naturally. Humans need plains
by Sheck February 26, 2005
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