7 definitions by W.D Shadow Marco C. Krueger

Used as an answer for someone asking you why you did betray them while you two (or more people) where a Team in a game where playing in teams wasn't an option but you decided to be team anyways, the answer makes reference that, even being a team, at the end of the game, it was still Everyone vs Everyone, and you only used them just to achieve your goals easier via manipulation, trickery, and similar
Guy A: *gets killed by his partner while playing Skywars* DUDE, WHY DID YA KILL ME?
Guy B: because it's KILL OR BE KILLED buddy, and you FELL IN MY TRAP
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The impulse you have when someone directly tells you to "DO NOT" but you just NEED to do what they clearly said to NOT DO, just because it will be fun/you NEED to know what happens
Guy G: Buddy, for God's sake, please, DON'T-SUBMIT-THIS-DEFINITION
Guy M: don't worry friend, i won't
Guy G: fine... *leaves*
Guy M: *having the computer in front of me, with URBAN DICTIONARY opened in front of me* NO!.. GO AWAY! STUPIDITY IMPULSE!
by W.D Shadow Marco C. Krueger October 4, 2017
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Ghost's most powerful and only attack
Type: ???
Effects: Screen goes black for a moment, a distorted cry plays quickly, when the screen comes back, the opponent is gone, indicating that they have been murdered

Use: can be use in any living being
*Ghost used curse...
*There's no Escape
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Phrase used usually to describe someone who is a Genius and a Son of a Bitch at the same time, or in other occasions, someone who, even being a total idiot, is someone that you admire in some way

In some rare occasions, it's also used when you want to say good luck to your Best Friend in an Humorous way
it has it's origins on a Greentext from an user on 4Chan where the user describes himself playing a game with another person
Example one: Man, he just called everyone an idiot in the presentation today, but it was the most epic way to do it, what an Wonderful Bastard

Example two: Guy G: goodbye boi, i go to save country, c u never

Guy T: Goodbye, you wonderful Bastard

Example Tree: Guy D: sorry, i can't come, i'm having Chemical Exams

Guy C: oh really? sorry to hear it, goodbye, Good luck, you Wonderful Bastard *hangs up*
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1- A type of Hacker that uses his/her skills for malicious purposes or own amusement/beneficement

2- A synonym for Villain, The Bad Guy, the one that opposes to the good guy and all the pathetic heroes of the world

3- The protagonist of Villainous
-Did you see in the news? a Black Hat Hacker just hacked the fucking NASA!

-In the Marvel Thanos is the biggest Black Hat in it
-I don't think so, he can be all powerful he wants, but NOBODY beats Ultron

Black Hat: Greeting you poor try of a Villain, Black Hat here! to turn your most wicked thoughts in REALITY!
by W.D Shadow Marco C. Krueger February 10, 2018
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A phrase, usually used for encourage oneself to do something for the sake of a place, group, and similars, and has many definitions and versions, for example, it can be used when you are in a game where two teams fight, and when you are going to attack the other team, you, or someone else, shouts FOR SPARTA, as an exclamation of encouragement, victory and awesomeness, still, it's not limited when there is a group, it can be also used when you are the only one
the word SPARTA, is usually replaced with the name of something else, according to the situation or, in some cases, just because the user feels like it sounds good
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