to go really fast

Press the accelerater to the max to make ur car go really really fast
Aiyo, this manual myvi can really FLY la

Ur head la, my satria neo only can FLY
by peace :) June 21, 2009
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what a bird does. i mean come on, people its not that hard.
all birds fly. but people cant unless they're mentally ill.
by whocares March 02, 2005
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to levitate off the ground, usually by wings or other propulsion
I was so high last night I felt like I was fin' to fly.
by Nick D February 27, 2003
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The stupid little worthless flying bug that lands on your window and has a fucking seizure on it and when the curtains are pulled away, the stupid little thing still cant find a way out and doesn't go away.
Fly 1: OH MA GAWD I CANT GET OUT!!!!! *has seizure*
Fly 2: Window is wide open dumb-ass!!!
Fly 1: Oh, ok.... *doesn't go away.*
Fly swatter: HA YOU STUPID THING! *smacks the hell outta the fly*
by mehmehmehmehFLY June 04, 2011
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