News worthy items that are so dumb they can only happen in Florida. Now known as Floriduh. Also popularized by the website
-Stripper Mobile back on the streets of Tampa. That's Floriduh!
-Aligator shows up for breakfast. That's Floriduh!
-Three women busted with drugs in drug court. That's Floriduh!
by Victoree April 27, 2010
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an adjective to describe an event, building or situation that is so insane, it could only happen in Florida.

They built that highway to nowhere and painted it pink, in true Floriduh fashion.
by Aaron Michael Gordon May 27, 2008
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A biased critic's term meaning "Sunshine-State Stupidity", generally used when referring to ballot-card-punching issues, handgun-control, etc.
Y2K Presidential Election --- we put the "duh" in FloriDUH!
by QuacksO November 13, 2011
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An adjective referring to stupid things happening in the state of Florida. There's something the other Urban Dictionary authors don't realize though; the term "Floriduh" was coined by Florida-based comedian Boca Brian, and, as far as I know, none of the definitions on Urban Dictionary were written by Boca Brian. I wonder how many of the Urban Dictionary writers have heard Boca Brian.
Boca Brian once did a comedy bit called "Oh Florida." (It was a parody of Oh Canada) Sometimes, he would exaggerate the last syllable of Florida, like "Flori--duh!" On an episode of the Boca Show on 1470 WNN, he just told everyone he invented that term, "Floriduh." We all knew that anyway!
by Seshie February 14, 2012
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An expression used when one hears something about Florida that seems to almost always happen.
"Did you hear about the Category 5 hurricane hitting Florida?" "Floriduh"
"Woah, on my birthday a Florida man drove into a gas pump at 3am and exploded the entire station!" "Floriduh"
"I heard that the -insert professional football team from Florida- were only predicted to get 4 wins this year" "Floriduh"
by BigGdawg September 11, 2019
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SE U.S. state. The capital is Tallahassee. Cubans escape to there and old folks retire there.
Remember FloriDUHs voting fiasco? What a bunch of dumbasses.
by Diane aka the BITCH July 3, 2005
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