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Tallahassee is the capital of Florida, up in the north end of the state near Georgia. The land is less flat, more wooded; the people not as hurried or transient. In the eighteenth century the population centers of old Florida were Pensacola in the panhandle and St. Augustine on the Atlantic--too far apart to be managed under a single provisional government. Officials went looking for a spot in between. But the Talasi Indians were already on that spot, so the officials told the Indians they needed to borrow their village for about three hundred years. Modern day Tallahassee centers around Higher education FSU, and FAMU too large universitys are located here, Government the state government resides here, Football and drinking.
Let's go to Tallahassee and catch a noles' game.
by Mike Hunter July 09, 2005
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One of the greatest zombie killers of Zombieland (formerly known as the United States of America).

Lover of Twinkies and hater of the undead

A very dangerous man, currently in the ass-kicking business.
When Tallahassee gets going, he sets the standard for "not to be fucked with".
by The_Teek November 04, 2009
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A city located in Leon county Florida in the panhandle. This is the capital city of Florida and is home to two major state universities (FSU and FAMU) as well as a hand full of other colleges (TCC, Keiser, St Leo, Thomas, Barry, ITT, etc). The city is actually one of the most educated cities in Florida as over 50% of the population holds some sort of degree. There are plenty of things to do especially for college kids. A lot of music scenes and a lot of alcohol distributed to minors. Tallahassee was ranked the 2nd most pot loving city in America according to the Dailybeast. A lot of pot smokers in this city. The city is home to some 180,000 people and is bigger than many people think it is. The city is also, surprisingly, one of the fastest growing cities in the state. There are a lot of hood rats in this city and a lot of middle class folks. You have A LOT of transplant people from the South FL area (Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm, etc) whom are students going to either FSU, FAMU or TCC. Although the city is full of ghetto hood rats, it is pretty safe. There are sketchy parts of the city but don't let that fool you. You can feel safer walking at night here than say in Miami or Orlando. Tallahassee is also a very liberal place. The majority of folks here are Democrats as the local newspaper is called "The Tallahassee Democrat". The decent parts of the city are the North East section of the city. Good schools and great community involvement.
Tallahassee is a great place to live and go to school.
by pastoolio122 May 17, 2011
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Tallahassee - a/k/a "Tallahooterville" - is noted for its traffic jams during football season, drunk driving, Hooters contests, and tourists who come in from other southern states to contest presidential elections. Stay & experience the southern hospitality & be greeted Saturday mornings by a knock on your door from religious wingnuts who'll attempt to convert you and then, should you politely decline, condemn to the firey pits of hell. The newer State Capitol Building sits "proudly" at the bottom of Apalachee Parkway as one of the most phallic structures on the planet (replete with testi-like strucures, one to each side of the well, um. let's just call it the tallest, "Enzyte"-like building ever erected downtown). The restaurants that have palatable fare can be counted on half a hand, and once you're done going to the museum (which will take all of an hour it's so small), you won't have much else to do but eat, sigh, and avoid getting swarmed by mosquitos - the "state bird" (a joke that you'll hear at least 10x from the locals), although the more noteworthy bird appears to be the one tourists flip while driving away after they've discovered it was a complete waste of their free time to ever set foot in the place.
Their (insipid) slogan: "Keep it sassy, Tallahassee."
What their slogan should be:
"For pity's sake, whatever you do go farther south if you want to experience Florida; this place is the ass-end of Georgia."
by jbuggie July 17, 2009
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1. The capital of Florida.

2. Known as "The 850", "Tallyho", "Tallahizzle"

3. Has a large local music scene, both discovered and un-labeled.
1. "Have you visited Tallahassee yet? I visit every year for the parades."

2. Rapper T Pain is from lil' ol' Tallyho.

3. A local band from tallahassee MayDay Parade is starting to get big, whereas others such as xNo Excusesx and Shoeshine Danny are not.
by xrudyxflax January 18, 2007
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A boring town that is small enough to be boring but big enough to have gangs and ghettos. There are too many rednecks and thugz. There are a couple famous people from Tallahassee, like NFL first round draft picks Antonio Cromartie and Ernie Sims, and rapper T-Pain. On Lost, somebady said "I went to tallahassee once. It was all strip malls and waffle hauses!" Dont come here it sucks
"I went to tallahassee once. It was all strip malls and waffle hauses!"
by johnnizzle April 18, 2007
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A town close to Thomasville t-vizzle} (where I live). Thomasville doesn't have anything so people head over to Tallahassee to buy stuff. I personally love going there...its only about 30 minutes away (15 if you speed...). I've learned that the people who live there hate it though.
by Capella May 30, 2005
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