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The act of putting butter on something, usually bread.
We all sat around the TV to watch the embutterment of the royal rye bread by Queen Elizabeth II.
by Seshie January 20, 2020
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An online wiki encyclopedia, similar to Wikipedia. The main difference between Wikipedia and Encyc is that Encyc doesn't have notability policies, so you can write about Boca Brian, a radio personality who is famous only in Florida, without being deleted.
I have never created a Wikipedia article. All the notable topics are taken, and I like to write without citing sources, so I went to my Encyc.org account and wrote about Neil Rogers, BrailleBeats, BrailleNote, Bubbletank, Wikiality, and many other topics. Encyc rocks! Now we can write about our local musicians, and have thousands of people look at the article, and convince them to join Encyc. ICBI!
by Seshie August 14, 2011
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Someone who is skilled at cleaning up erroneous/badly-formatted articles in an encyclopedia, especially if the encyclopedia is open to editing, like Wikipedia or Encyc.
Yesterday, I saw a new article come up on Wikipedia, and it was badly written; the next day, it was perfectly formatted! Guess an encyclopediatrician got to it!
by Seshie February 22, 2017
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What one says when someone else is leaving, but they don't need anything. The "phone" means that they may carry a cell phone in case the mother is wondering about the son or daughter.
Blonde Chicken: "What will I need to bring with me?"
Mom: "Don't worry. All you need is a phone!"
by Seshie July 19, 2009
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Not allowing any destruction.
I love those old-time, cozy, antivandal towns.
by Seshie April 18, 2009
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A famous scientist who studies things such as the cosmos. He became famous through his thirteen-episode television show, cosmos: a personal voyage.
I sure like Carl Sagan's narration on the Cosmos show.
by Seshie October 4, 2008
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What Internet geeks who can't spell call the serial number for a product.
Email to tech support: Hello, some of the keys on my Del Inspiron 5566 don't work, my cereal number is wife: 1516874.
Reply: Are you calling about your Dell Inspiron or about cereal? Because if you're calling about cereal, I'm sure General Mills has a phone number.
by Seshie November 14, 2019
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