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A famous scientist who studies things such as the cosmos. He became famous through his thirteen-episode television show, cosmos: a personal voyage.
I sure like Carl Sagan's narration on the Cosmos show.
by Seshie October 04, 2008

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A musician who frequents music sessions; can refer to either a studio musician or a jam session enthusiast.
Steve is a total seshie! I see him at all our monthly jams!
by Seshie February 21, 2017

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Any nutcase who still supports Donald Trump even after all the remarks he has made.
If you are a Republican in 2017, most likely you are a total Trumpcase!
by Seshie February 21, 2017

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The eighth-note musical system of high ASCII value on a computer.
The musical card had a pattern that looked like this: ♪ ♪♪♫♫♫♪♪
by Seshie May 01, 2009

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The town Cleveland Brown, from Family Guy moves to in the spin-off the Cleveland Show that aired their season 1 premier today, September 27, 2009. It is a fictional town, portrayed as being located in Virginia.
What a name, Stoolbend! How did McFarlane come up with that?
by Seshie September 27, 2009

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An extremely short-lived character on Itchy and Scratchy segments on the long-running animated sitcom, the Simpsons.
Remember when Disgruntled Goat was on Itchy and Scratchy? He was with many other hilarious characters!
by Seshie January 09, 2009

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A more user-friendly bitcoin-like system with regulated mining speeds and fast transactions, and an easy method of sending coins using a user's email address.
Many of us think that bitcoin is only easy for tech-savvy people, so we're jumping on the JSEcoin bandwagon because this one will be easy for all Internet users!
by Seshie May 28, 2018

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