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Inserting the penis into a woman's pussy and then urinating inside her. Applies to butt pirates as well.
by Long Island August 15, 2004
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When boning a girl and pissing (flooding) inside of her vaginal cavity (cave).
After Manning flooded my cave, I was bailing for weeks.
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
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While in the midst of having sexual intercourse, the male thrusts deeply into the vagina or anus of their partner and halts. The male then concentrates on forcing out his urine through the end of his rock-hard penis and fills up the partner's body cavity with piping hot piss. The act usually brings the receiver to instant orgasm as the piss hits the G-spot or shoots in to massage a prostate. It is then recommended that the receiver bend over a drinking glass and let the urine (sometimes mixed with cum) trickle into the glass. Once refrigerated, this can make for a cool and refreshing treat on a hot summer day.
Thomas brought Jose to orgasm by providing Jose with a jet-stream of warm tinkle forcefully up his puckering anus and onto his wanting prostate. As the two were gathering Dixie cups to collect the tinkle in Jose's ass, both Thomas and Jose were glad that Thomas had engaged in flooding the cave of Jose's rectum.They would both sleep well tonight.
by ScottKensington August 16, 2012
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stick ur dick in a girls ass, and piss inside her
yea man, i flooded her cave like a bitch. she never saw it coming
by brian December 22, 2003
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