Her bra size is dixie cup!

Like the little dixie cups you use in the bath room.
by Lisa Doss April 15, 2006
I’m about to go to Candy lady to get a Dixie cup.
by Beddiejlf June 25, 2020
Placing your genitalia inside the mouth of a Southern Belle while she sings "Sweet Home Alabama."
Man, when Delta Burke gave me a Dixie cup in 1993, it was the shit.
by Mitch Vigorous July 24, 2012
the 2 flavors (usually chocolate and vanilla) in a plastic cup with a paper lid on top of it. Most people eat them in the summer or with birthday cake.
MOM: Okay, Jonny, now you can have cake for dessert or you can have a dixie cup.
JONNY: I'll have a dixie cup.
by Nina March 3, 2005
When multple guys jizz into a 'dixie cup' for a girl to drink.
Amanda swallowed that dixie cup like a pro.
by Stanley123435 July 26, 2007
Cool; Awesome. Originates from San Diego, CA, and commonly used in Greensboro, NC.
"Man, we had such a fun time last night. Last night was dixie cup!"
by Elliot January 11, 2005
when a guy cums into a girls cupped hand and she finishes by drinking the cum like a dixie cup.
Do you want a dixe cup?
i mean cuase if you want one ask shane
he will give you a Dixie cup
by Patadactel November 17, 2009