Her bra size is dixie cup!

Like the little dixie cups you use in the bath room.
by Lisa Doss April 14, 2006
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Placing your genitalia inside the mouth of a Southern Belle while she sings "Sweet Home Alabama."
Man, when Delta Burke gave me a Dixie cup in 1993, it was the shit.
by Mitch Vigorous July 23, 2012
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the 2 flavors (usually chocolate and vanilla) in a plastic cup with a paper lid on top of it. Most people eat them in the summer or with birthday cake.
MOM: Okay, Jonny, now you can have cake for dessert or you can have a dixie cup.
JONNY: I'll have a dixie cup.
by Nina March 03, 2005
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Cool; Awesome. Originates from San Diego, CA, and commonly used in Greensboro, NC.
"Man, we had such a fun time last night. Last night was dixie cup!"
by Elliot January 11, 2005
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when a guy cums into a girls cupped hand and she finishes by drinking the cum like a dixie cup.
Do you want a dixe cup?
i mean cuase if you want one ask shane
he will give you a Dixie cup
by Patadactel November 17, 2009
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