More romantic than "friends with benefits" but not an actual relationship.
"I thought you and him were just a fling? Why did you tell your crack-head uncle that your boyfriend moved away? ""It makes his ass stop asking me when I'll finally get a man-friend."
by shadyraye December 1, 2018
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Something that should have been flung by now.
Jane: Matt and Serena are getting engaged!
Jane: Wasn't their thing supposed to be like a seventh grade fling?
by RAISINDAFFODILSLANA February 15, 2018
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NOT going out but have the same privilages as someone going out.
short term.
ex. holding hands, kissing,hugging ect.
by elmo July 18, 2004
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fling (fling)


1. to throw, cast, or hurl with force or violence.


1. fake jewerly. fake bling.
2. total opposite of bling.
Who's that rapper trying to fool with that fling fling?
by Brad Clitt September 1, 2009
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Jen: That's some nice bling you got there Tony.

George: Look at that thing, don't you mean fling?
by kikorico! January 6, 2009
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Fling, refers to anal sex whether with a significant other or a stranger. Basically buttstuff.
Mark had a fling with Stacy and now she can’t walk right.
by Blakevan April 28, 2022
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The act of leaving your boyfriend or husband while at a public venue such as a club or bar to go fuck a stranger you met and then return to your husband or boyfriend at that same venue a short time later.
Don't worry about my husband, he'll wait here patiently for me while I go flinging.
by SecretPlayWife October 12, 2018
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