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asdf meaning whatever lazy to type the real name
User name: asdf
Password: asdf
by elmo October 02, 2003

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siez the moment/day

live your life to the full

be spontanius

go for it
carpe diem
by elmo January 14, 2004

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the loverly person who gave birth to me and has and will look after me 4 the rest of her life
i love u mummy
by elmo July 09, 2002

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u fuckin bother people 2 damn much
como chingas cabron u fuckin bother people 2 damn much shit
by elmo December 04, 2004

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cool people with nice cars who go up the station and talk about there motor
i wish i had a nice motor so i can go up the station
by Elmo January 30, 2005

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See:sheep. Range maggot is an epithet applied to sheep. It derives from the appearance of a green pasture with white blobs wiggling across it.
Hey Jethro, lookit all them range maggots! Let's us go 'n shag a few.
by Elmo September 28, 2004

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NOT going out but have the same privilages as someone going out.
short term.
ex. holding hands, kissing,hugging ect.
dude were flinging ...go away
by elmo July 18, 2004

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