A person that is useless and has no purpose in life. Just a piece of flesh that gives nothing back to society and lives only for drinking and partying. Generally, a flesh is very dumb.
Yo, Roberto Calderon is a flesh man, he sits and does nothing all day.
by andreslom0705 January 2, 2017
Sam: "Look at all the flesh at that table!"

Josh: "Well lets go make some new friends."
by Fitch Guy August 29, 2011
Used to describe something so new and so fresh, it's flesh.

It's raw. And new. That is flesh.
"What's fresher than fresh? Flesh."

"That's so flesh."

"That sneaker drop... that was flesh."
by nikkimouselol November 22, 2018
To beat someone up, mess up, or fuck someone up, to "dust" someone.
Note: Blood must be present.
I will Flesh your ass!
Johnny just got fleshed!
by Jimmy June 15, 2006
in person , in propria persona
They never expected to meet the governer right there in the flesh.
by Light Joker July 18, 2005
Delectable blood-meat. Fills our bellies and satisfies our hungers, it does.
Lord Nym is a grade A Asskicker.
by Dr. Asskickist September 8, 2003