One who’s born to be great. A person with this name will always be top dog never barks always bites. Makes BIG MOVES.
-Ayo bro there comes a Calderon

Damn you don’t want to mess with him !!
by Loubands May 17, 2018

1. A large, cavernous asshole similar to the caldera in a volcano; a hot, steamy, wide vagina


2.dropping a large and expensive item in public, due to physical weakness, causing extreme humiliation
1. Diarrhea erupted out of Erick's calderon like hot magma out of a volcano.

2. He was upset with himself after calderoning his second computer monitor in one year
by Einstein the 3rd August 30, 2008
One badass family that doesn't give a shit. They got no worries
by dixie boy17 November 5, 2013
someone who laughs and jokes with you then stabs you in the back to get you in trouble
I used be friends with that guy until he pulled a calderon. Next thing you know i lost my job
by the w1zard July 28, 2011
Ashley C. Not going in my Car. Nuh uh. Just you, me, sandra, maybe alowie.

buncha buddies just hanging out, no tension.
Three B's 4lyfe bud.bongz.bitchz4lyfe
by bunnyavenger September 21, 2004
also known as tego calde.el abayalde.
el q bellaquea debajo de una palma.Puerto Rico, represent the jolny society.
"mi negrita linda tiene...chiquititos los ojitos..."
by siescierto May 3, 2004
one of the best reggaetonsingers
Tego Calderon es uno de los mejores en el mundo del reggaeton
by TEGOC January 4, 2004