Fleecing is the process of being naturally high. The good feeling comes from an overload on life itself, and is commonly used to describe a feeling of extreme happiness.
Bro, were totally hitting up the waves this weekend, and we're going to be drinking pina coladas, making out with hot women, i mean we're going to be completely fleecing.
by DustyC September 8, 2009
Used for when the person being talked about does anything that they knew better than to do. This can have a positive or negative connotation. To be buggin or over doing it or in a good case flexing.
Friend 1: Mr. Cooper, you forgot to give us the homework.
Friend 2: Bro, you’re fleecing
by AubreyAllen March 8, 2019
To steal. To rip off. To let a friend down.
"That guy just fleeced that guys jacket", "The bartender charged me $7.00 for that beer. What a fleece!", "Jobo didn't show up. He fleeced us again".
by King Vic September 24, 2014
Being cheated out of belongings
I paid too much for the car. I got fleeced.
by James December 5, 2003
To be stolen from.
Damn, someone just fleeced my bag!
by 1374828272773733 February 26, 2017
To be ripped off. To pay for something and get inferior or no product.
That geezer just fleeced me, this aint a real travelcard.
That machine just fleeced me for a quid, I selected a coke and it didn't come out.
by LBU November 8, 2003
Those furry jackets. Similar to sweatshirts but with zippers and furriness.
by Andre January 8, 2004