Feeling high, but without the use of drugs.
I got no sleep last night...man, I feel high...naturally high...
by Yams December 16, 2006
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Natural High is what happens when you feel completely whole, happy, and smile towards something that you love or love to do. It's something that you can't get enough of . It's a safe high. No harm can be done emotionally or physically with this high. It's good for you, not bad. Everyone's natural high is different. It could be a person, place, animal, hobby, career, etc. A natural high is something that gives you a complete feeling.
Example: I feel a natural high when hiking in the mountains.
by TunedReality January 11, 2015
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When you're incredibly high without the use of drugs; common among insane or otherwise exceptional people, yet still abundant among "average" people.
In the middle of class, Johnny started blurting out incredibly random and illogical jokes to his friends, and laughed his ass off at literally nothing. Although people thought he was taking drugs, he was completely clean and was instead naturally high.
by naturallyhighperson November 27, 2010
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Something that getz u really happy or feel like ur high without using drugz.
fallin in love, money, people, laughin real hard u kant breath just thingz that make u really happy or make u feel high. thatz my example for a Natural High.
by raiderz_208 January 31, 2008
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The state of being in an extraordinarily happy mood or being "high" without being in possession of any drugs. Usually lies within a person's genes leaving that person with a unique and indescribable character. If not a trait, this may be caused by common daily activities such as eating heavily or consuming certain foods, drinks, and sweets. It comes all natural.
Person1: Hey, remember that one time... I forgot what I was gonna say. I want something sweet though.

Person2: *Bursts out in laughter for 5 minutes and coughing* Something sweet does sound good though.

(Both subjects continue to laugh demonstrating them to be in a natural high state)
by UtDuhJam October 25, 2012
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when you don't need drugs to get high; you get high off of love and you can't explain why you feel like this. drugs are not needed but love can make you see better things
1st guy)ayy want to hit a jont?
2nd guy)nahh dawg i got my girl is my natural high no need for drugs anymore.
by Shay babes August 30, 2008
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What you tell people who suspect that your high, when you really are, but don't want them to know.
Jane: You're high aren't you?
Debbie: Nooo. It's just a natural high.
by Skye Blu June 1, 2006
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