A sexual practice used by those into pain/sexual experimentation were small amounts of lighter fluid are placed on the bellies of both individuals and at the moment of shared orgasm it is lit, creating light, in the dark, heat and some pain. Closing the bellys together extinguishes the flame but there is a challenge in holding out as long as possible. Newbies protect themslevs with a layer of vaseline to get the heat but not the burn.

Related but on the other side of the spectrum from SPLOSHING.
This chick was beyond sploshign and way into flaring.
by Shane Bishop August 10, 2005
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A race of alien, hailing from a horrible science fiction novel that was introduced on the website "Something Awful." It looks like a raptor with large spikes and has the ability to spit acid. Apparently can survive in absolute zero with no air and enter hyperspace, as it attacks a spaceship while it's in flight.
"The flareness are attacking AAAAHHHH!"
by Ironsoviet April 10, 2007
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a break dance move, involving rotating your legs in a circular motion around your body.
look at that flare hes doing
by Science_Chip. August 2, 2004
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Spray paint technique that causes the line of paint to widen and fade away. To do a flare you just use your wrist to tilt the can away from the wall. Some caps work better than others. Sunset from france has the best flares, google him for a better visual.
Cope2 has some nice flares on his handstyle.

Person 1: Do stock caps flare?
Person 2: No. Not at all. Go die.
by namelesssssss August 20, 2006
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To smoke the righteous herb. To blaze the ganja. Smoke weed.
Yo kid, you trying to "Flare"?

Hell yeah son, put a flame to that shit.
by RadSkillZ October 4, 2010
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The swelling and enlarging of a stallions glands before and during ejaculation.
The stallion's penile glands flared outward as he was ejaculating into the mare.
by Horse freak June 13, 2007
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Any unwanted accessory that must be worn by your place of employment.
by Mia February 6, 2004
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