When you fuck someone in the ass during the night and then attempt to fuck them in the ass again in the morning, but the fluid inside could possibly burn your penis.
Jamie tried to give it to me in the butt again this morning, but my asshole was so hot I could have shit lighter fluid.
by kendallandjaime May 14, 2007
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Grappa. Made from grapes, this Italian brandy, is commonly enjoyed after dinner. For those of you of whom have ever partaken of this, I'm sure you'll agree!
"Now that the meal's over, nonna's gonna be pulling out the cannoli and Italian Lighter Fluid".
by Louie Bagadonuts September 5, 2009
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A product made specially for babies to light their own fires for baby barbecues and cookouts. Note: Baby Lighter Fluid is not responsible for any injuries, deaths, falls, molestation, amber alerts, or kicks to the face while using this product.
Adam: "Sommer what did you get your baby cousin for her birthday?"

Sommer: "Some baby lighter fluid and a pair of socks."
by awbatman500 May 6, 2014
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