Something that has happened that is slightly unfortunate; A slight darn.

Replaces damn or darn in a more mild situation.
Person 1: hey you wanna go to that party tonight?
Person 2: nah im working tonight.
Person 3: flam
by Dr obesity April 10, 2020
“Flam” - short for “flammable” is used to label an item, person, or situation that has a strong potential to become “fire” (Something that is really good, amazing, crazy in a good way). As in not *yet* fire, but likely to be fire.
“That new candy trader job of yours sounds so flam.”

“What do you think of my homemade pants?” “Pretty flam, fam.”

“I’m really excited about this date tonight. Dude seems hella flam.”
by jomovoco November 2, 2022
A fan of the band Ween, especially a fan who is intimately involved in every bit of drama and nonsense the fandom concocts.
Many tears and hugs were shared by the flam when the Boognish Monster transcended this realm and rose to the next.
by Bilvis July 11, 2018
Fabulous and Glamorous put together makes the wonderful word, Flam
1. Oh my god, your hair is so flam today!
2. That girl's purse is like so freakin' flam!
3. Hey there cutie, your pretty flam
by Abigailea May 6, 2007
Feel(ing) Like A Meat, to feel stupid. To feel humiliated.
He was flam when he realized he had shouted out the wrong answer.
by hsysysk55 April 8, 2010

Simply put, is a combination of the words Fuck and Slam. To flam someone can be to insult them intensely, or to physically slam them so hard that one has to add "fucking" to it. It can also be used to describe instense sexual intercourse.
1. That guy was flammed so hard that he has a broken arm.

2. Please don't flam me senpai.

3. Greg was flammed by the teacher so he's not coming to school today.
by CaramelFox October 1, 2017
Flam is a term of endearment for a close friend or someone of whom you agree with. A shootoff of the moga-mainstream term "fam", and can be used to poke fun at 'people' who use "fam" unironically.
"Hey Colton, I just finished the book I was reading." "No way flam, awesome!"
by OhDaeSu November 3, 2017