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Ewan is the best thing that could ever happen to your life. He’s the only person ever in your mind. He’s sweet, he’s kind, he’s caring, he’s funny, and he’s sooooo adorable. Every time you see him your heart skips a beat. His smile makes your heart melt and lights up the whole room. His laugh is for real like the cutest thing ever. Whenever you talk he makes you laugh so hard. He’s a weirdo but you love that about him. He never fails to make you smile. He’s one of the greatest friends you could ever have and the best boyfriend everrr. You stare at him from across the room when he’s not looking because he’s adorable. His presence is basically the only thing you feel you need to get through the day and it’s so hard not to like him because he’s just so perfect. He’s your everything, your world, your missing puzzle piece, he’s the person you think of when your sad and you don’t want anything else. He’s basically your whole heart in human form and you’ll never want to let him go because he’s the greatest thing you could ever ask for.
somebody: omg look it’s ewan
somebody else: stopppp 🤪
by yikes_nya March 08, 2019
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People said rest in power for the unarmed man had been shot by the police.
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The actual god of the entire universe, his big dick energy emanates throughout the universe destroying all living and non living beings..
he is the one


boy: oh my fucking god get down Ewans here

girl: its too late

*fizzles out of existence*
by literately god in a shell October 15, 2018
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Ewan is probably the silliest person ever. He gets all of the ladies and makes bank, mainly through his silliness. Ewan can make a lady fall for him just by saying "Hi." He is totally smart and a boss at sports. Ewan wheels the biddies even if he isn't trying.
Ewan: "Hey."

Girl: "OMG Ewan just said hey to me he is so silly and a total babe."

Guy 1: "Look at that guy he's awesome."

Guy 2: "Yeah that's Ewan."

Guy 1: "Oh well that makes sense."
by Jack Gore October 09, 2013
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this amazing guy that EVERYONE else is jealous of
shit he's awesome, he must be Ewan

Ewan: Hey
Stranger: *omg Ewan just said hello*
by sn0wflake December 25, 2012
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A complete fuckin genius with the biggest cock in the world. A man who makes the ladies week at the knees. Everyone wants to be him.
Woman: Oh Ewan your so fuckin great pound my mound with your huge cock.
Ewan: Shut up bitch! I'm gonna slam your back door out, whip it out and give you a creamy beaver, then stick it in your mouth so you can clean off your own shit!!
Woman: Oh good tanks!!!
by FMFlex April 13, 2005
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