A small white albino child who posseses an extremely small penis relative to a toothpick, yes, quite small indeed. Your average fitzy will always strive to gain anal satisfaction via half eaten cucumbers.

The term fitzy can also be used as a verb when describing something homosexual, small, insignificant and most importantly gender confused.
1. Keep me away from that fitzy!! I already have three genital infections.

2. Michael Fitzpatrick

3. Oi get over here you fitzy loving slut.
by poon loving mexican October 22, 2007
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Someone who sits around all day and munches on severe cock. Likes to finger his dogs bumwhole amongst other favorite past-times.

"Hey theres Fitzy again fingering bumwhole"

"Holy shit he is too"

"Classic Fitzy"


Can now be used as
"Wow that guys pulling a huge Fitzy!"

"Jesus he's going for gold"
by Mr. Sleeves August 28, 2008
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Often saying the wordd ouuuuu orr blah or dahh, Fitzy can be found wearing redshorts and a black tee with gay black white and red airmaxes on... If someone is fitzy they love to pack lips and try to rash
Fitzy u love black tees pink shorts and packing lips
by n1ceurbandictionary June 15, 2011
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