The normanized surname of a powerful Irish clan who once held sway over the territory of Ossory in south-east Ireland; or a descendant thereof. (Orig. Mac Giolla Padraig)
"In 1541 Brian MacGiollaPadraig submitted to Henry VIII and acknowledged him as overlord; terms of the contract involved receiving the name Barnaby Fitzpatrick."
by Eoghan7 February 9, 2009
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When you punched your friend for no reason and he or she got bruised
When we met at the shop I fitzpatricked Sean.
by Krychowiak April 5, 2016
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1. A second name meaning "son of the nobleman".

2. The usual charictaristic of someone with the second name of "fitzpatrick" is "a male with this second name usualy has the urge to get naked in private and put his genitals in between his legs to look like a woman" the female equivilant of this is "a female with this second name usualy has the urge to get naked in private and insert some kind of sausage into their genitals to look like a man".
person1: "who is that guy?"
person 2: "oh he's (insert name) fitzpatrick, his father is a nobleman."

Person1: "Hey where are (insert name) fitzpatrick and his sister?"
person2: "Oh well they are in there house, they want to trade sexuality."
person1: "well what do you expect? they are fitzpatricks".
by Robert metroid March 20, 2010
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The feeling one gets when one's quarterback plays incredibly well in the third quarter, only to end up losing the game in a pitiful show of shame.
Man, I really thought we were gonna win this game coming out of the half, but the fourth quarter really left me Fitzpatricked.
by monkiimonk October 6, 2013
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The term 'Fitzpatricked' is used when you have been subjected to a samey and seriously unfunny joke, usually relating to Japan, Hulk Hogan, Snake Pliskin or Richard Sharpe.
You've been seriously Fitzpatricked!

Man, that joke was awful. It appears that I have been Fitzpatricked.
by David Reader January 7, 2008
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little tool man acting like a wool saying is dads gonna stab us ye silly little pussy kid don’t even show his face
by Itsblissbitch June 20, 2020
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A character from jacksepticeye bitlife series who if you f*ck with will either kill you by biting your skull open or hiring hitman also do not fart next to him he will get hitman to kill you
Coworker: hey have you noticed that anyone who mess with patty Fitzpatrick dies like his wife
Patty Fitzpatrick : oh sh*t he is on to me
Patty Fitzpatrick : yea hitman #69 come on over
by Some jackaboi fan April 12, 2020
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