A fitzy is the name of a term to describe an act mostly practiced on small boys.
To fitzy someone, the best location is a middle school bathroom. Find a small boy who pulls his pants down to his ankles when he urinates in a urinal, and kick him square in the nuts.
Matt: Dude yesterday I pulled a fitzy on this middle-school kid real good, he screamed like a little girl!

Joseph: Dude you're a jerk!

Matt: Whatever dude...
by josephswalm October 25, 2007
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The name givin to a typically large & firm breasted, blonde haired little strumpet. She is very modest about her beauty but also know's how to 'work that ass' to her advantage.
Oh my days, look at that fitzy over there, man would I love to get my lips around those bad boys!
by SkyBluThru&Thru March 26, 2010
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Fitzy a name given to a fuckboi or man whore who fucks everyone in sight / child molester
Look at that fitzy over there trying to get those kids
by SwagLordNinja June 30, 2016
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Ur a total fitzy coz u tried to shag my mum and she rejected ya
by Guess January 31, 2005
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of or pertaining to anything as effeminate as sparkling mineral water.
Bean is fitzy...no, i'm serious...BEAN IS FITZY
by Damian April 29, 2003
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