a very very smelly person nickname, for people who smell like a mixture of kittty litter,cigs,and fish
guy 1: do you smell that shit?
guy 2:yeahh it smells like kitty litter, cigs, and fishh
guy 1: oh its just fishstick
by kenzieee (: February 16, 2009
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The dirty fingers. Usually two, but some girls like more.
Your mom is so fat that I gave her a six pack of fishsticks!
by Micah January 19, 2004
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Slang: The dick of a bloke with tendencies to fuck unclean bitchs.
That dirty ho sucked his fishstick raw!
by Rodger Derass August 5, 2004
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When one wipes his or her fingers along his or her's crotch pits after intercourse, and wipes the sex-sweat along the upper lip of their partner, leaving a smell and a half that'll never leave.
Mary fishsticked Sean.
He smelt fish for weeks
by Gib Niblets June 18, 2007
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The act of trying to be another person who is dating the love of your life.
by Spy Fox February 6, 2010
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Flatulence that is the byproduct of dirt-cheap fish dipped in over-salted egg batter, frozen, later fried in rancid, unhealthy oil, and then forcefully blown out of one’s nether-hole.
When I was growing up there was nothing worse than the horrific smell of an elementary school cafeteria on Fridays, thanks to fishstick farts.
by Dr Bunnygirl June 21, 2019
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what the fishsticks is this?
what the fuck is this?
what the freak is this?
by xxx October 12, 2003
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