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it's mean the way someone explain to other participate that " I'm dreaming of you " just some secret code to tell .
when you need to tell that you're dreaming of the one you love secretly, "124"
by gardenshovel March 31, 2022
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just send this "124" to ur lover without any context
by gardenshovel March 31, 2022
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124 is he numbers you say to that friend that has "OCD". Or you watch Plainrock124
some guy: Hey there let's count together ! 124.

that other guy: AAhhhH STOP your triggering my OCD!
some guy: OMG is tHAt Plainrock124!!
by I was bored October 14, 2020
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Never ever interrupt yourself in the middle of a story.
Marquz: And then I was like, hol- Wait yesterday i saw a duck eating a pigeon.

LLLoyd: Dude, don't rule 124 yourself...
by Definitely Not A Robot September 24, 2019
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Only the cools kids would have this shit in school
Guy: I have the 124 crayola pack of crayons
Girl: seggs now
by SkskskkskskskksskksKING October 8, 2020
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Rule 124 - The permanent invalidation of rules 117, 120, and 125. No exceptions.
Girl - Simply existing, and playing video games.
Boy - "Sorry. Rules 120, and 125."
Girl - "But what about Rule 124?"
by Kurapikas_Property January 1, 2021
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