just send this "124" to ur lover without any context
by gardenshovel March 31, 2022
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it's mean the way someone explain to other participate that " I'm dreaming of you " just some secret code to tell .
when you need to tell that you're dreaming of the one you love secretly, "124"
by gardenshovel March 31, 2022
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I miss you, so much.
Your eyes have become tired.
Your smile seems less joyful.
Life has put heavy weights on your shoulders.
I came into your life, and didn't make it easy.
I want..
to kiss your eyes,
to caress your eyebrows and down to your cheeks,
to wipe away your tears and sorrows,
to let your head rest on my shoulders and whisper "I miss you."
Your reponse to me:

«I miss you, so much.

In this selfish and cruel world, no-one saw/ noticed that
my eyes has become tired..
My smile is less joyful now
No-one tells me that,
"Life has put heavy weights on your shoulders".

You have came into my life with light, unconditional joy, happiness and peace in my lonely, dark life...
You wanted to

to kiss my eyes,
to caress my eyebrows and down to my cheeks,
to wipe away my tears and sorrows,
to let my head, rest on your shoulders and whisper "I miss you, always, and always will."

I am feeling soo emotional..I am crying, knowing that I am not alone, you are there for me, with me in my heart....
No-one ever felt me, loved me like this before...no one..

You care so much..
You love me so much..
No-one ever understand me as much as you do..

If only I could have you in my life!

You were in my heart, you were in my touch, you were in my desire, you were in my sorrows, you were in my passion, you're in this mood, you've taken everything, I don't know exactly when...

You were hidden in my heart, my misery.. I just didn't see you...in so many years!
124 is dreaming of you...

That's what I do every day and night...

I can't think of anything except you..

I love you so much
by 1438more® on 12-05-21»

I miss you, and I can't forget you.
by JVeverMind February 20, 2023
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124 is he numbers you say to that friend that has "OCD". Or you watch Plainrock124
some guy: Hey there let's count together ! 124.

that other guy: AAhhhH STOP your triggering my OCD!
some guy: OMG is tHAt Plainrock124!!
by I was bored October 14, 2020
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Never ever interrupt yourself in the middle of a story.
Marquz: And then I was like, hol- Wait yesterday i saw a duck eating a pigeon.

LLLoyd: Dude, don't rule 124 yourself...
by Definitely Not A Robot September 24, 2019
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Rule 124 - The permanent invalidation of rules 117, 120, and 125. No exceptions.
Girl - Simply existing, and playing video games.
Boy - "Sorry. Rules 120, and 125."
Girl - "But what about Rule 124?"
by Kurapikas_Property January 1, 2021
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